We are a small team of amateor road cyclists, who love coffee. We roast on a 12kg German drum roaster in Csomor, Hungary. We feel coffee and cycling goes hand in hand. We are happy that we can roast coffee for the cycling community. We feel that the best possible way to enjoy your espresso, is while resting, after climbing your favourite local hill.

We exclusively purchase, roast, and sell specialty grade coffee. Specialty coffee as defined by the SCA (Specialty Coffee Association) is 100% arabica beans that score over an 80 on their scale of 0-100. This strict grading scale is a complete sensory overview of the coffees in the green, roasted, ground, and brewed state. Coffees that attain Specialty status have very few defects, are typically grown in remote regions with ideal climates, and they display unique qualities in the cup. Less than 20% of all coffee grown in the world achieves the status of Specialty Grade Coffee.