Coffee is a loved drink for many cyclists.

Like all timelessly cool things, the unification between coffee and cycling started with the Italians.

The cycling golden age was started propably with Gino Bartali and Fausto Coppi. Famea, an Italian company, opened its business in Milan after the war. They made, among other things, coffe machines. Their high-tech coffee machines and ground-breaking technology, and many of their innovations are still used today in some shape or form. And the time couldn’t be more right because the culture of espresso that started in Italy a couple of decades before was about to make the big jump from cafes into homes. And this is the moment when the magical bond between coffee and cycling was created. Faema started their first cycling team in the late fifties but it wasn’t until 1969 before they got global popularity thanks to Eddy Merckx and his jersey design.

Pre-ride, preparing a good, well-made coffee is a ritualistic process: you may grind your own beans, or open up your filter coffee and let the earthy fumes rise up for a moment before you continue. The little dart of hot water you shoot in your cup to wash it out with before you make the initial pour is all key to the moment leading up to the ride ahead. Searching for the right spoon, almost spanner-like in its resemblance to your repair kit, then stirring the coffee in whilst meditating on riding tactics. Foaming milk, heating up water, mixing in sugar; these are all stages in an altogether complex process that puts you in a ride-ready state of mind. Each step is distracting your nerves and calming your mind before the storm of hill-climbs and nasty sprints, it’s an art, a ritual and lifestyle. It’s cycling.

Even post-ride you’ll have a certain ritual to your craft, serving friends round a table, reflecting on tough sections of the course and refuelling and reawakening your body and mind..

This symbiotic relationship between cycling and coffee is the inspiration for us as coffee roasters.

We, as coffee roasters are relentless in our pursuit of the best coffee beans. Our meticulous sourcing process ensures we import only the finest quality, handpicked, 100% Arabica, specialty grade coffee. We strive to deliver best coffees possible to you.